The Village Hero

The village hero is an online magazine meant to inform and educate the masses of the relevant sometimes not so relevant but exciting content that leaves you craving for more. Just like the fine curves of a woman's body this magazine is designed in a way that curves every word to a mouth watering piece of energizing, thrilling yet inspiring form and way of delivering information to the entire world. Our aim is to educate and entertain all at one. Long gone are the days where reading a magazine turns out to be one dulling and excruciating experience, through the village hero we guarantee to deliver more not only by words but also pictures and videos making the whole experience pleasurable as they say pictures speak a thousand and one words.

All this is brought to you by self proclaimed author and writer, born Ayub Mwanzi Kalevera in the African streets of Nairobi, Kenya aged only 25yrs has seen it all, harnessed his writing skills ever since being a young boy. Starting out with poetry then later on combining his passion for writing with music i began penning down lyrics whenever i found the opportunity to. The desire to inspire more with my writing skills led me to starting a blog and often blogging about information I considered not only relevant to me but to a large and growing population of youth in Kenya as well as Africa.